Best Almost Skateboard Decks

If you are in the market for the top three skateboard decks by Almost, then you have come to the right place. We have researched and ranked the best skateboard decks by Almost in this guide.

These decks were chosen for their numerous positive reviews on sites such as Amazon, as well as for their positive reviews and competitive price points.

Almost is a brand that has been featured in the skating world for a long time and to much critical acclaim. Their decks and boards are stylish, durable are and guaranteed to last you a long time no matter how aggressively you skate.

For your convenience, we have done the hard work for you in selecting the best Almost skateboard decks for this year.

If you would like to read the reviews and read further information about any of the products that can be seen in this guide, you may simply click the respective board’s link. There you will be taken to its page on Amazon and you will be able to read the reviews and opinions posted by other verified purchasers of the same model.

Almost Off Register Deck

best almost skateboard deck

To start with, these take a look at the Off-Register Deck by Almost. This is one of their most popular skateboard decks offered by Almost, having earned very positive reviews that can be read on Amazon’s platform.

The board has a great 3-D design that is sure to turn heads and get other people to notice you. It has a resin construction, as well as being made from 7-ply North American maple wood. North American woods are widely considered to be the best materials for use in skateboard decks by many professional skaters around the world.

A key advantage to this board, and others made by the same brand is that the resin is guaranteed to not degrade as quickly as the industry-standard water base glue. You’ll be able to use this board for longer without needing to replace it.


Almost 10023909 Side Pipe Skateboard Deck

almost skateboarding

This great board is one of the few in its kind that is lightweight as well as durable. This board is a new addition to the Almost line of skateboard decks, so there are not a lot of reviews that can be read about this specific model.

However, the Almost line of skateboard is considered to be top-tier, so you know that your purchase is assured to be high quality.

This board is also made from high quality North American maple that is guaranteed to not easily warp or dent during use. A big part of what this makes this board stand out though is its interesting design. Unlike other boards that take a more modest approach to their design aesthetics, this deck by Almost is loud and not afraid to be different, featuring a large Almost motif on its underside.

For shoppers in some select countries, users may get the pleasure of being able to get this board delivered free of charge. If you’d like to see if you country is eligible for free shipping, simply click the link or button above.


Almost 10023903 Youness Amrani Superhero Splitface Skateboard Deck

almost skate deck

For all the Marvel fans out there, here is a deck by Almost that we’re sure you’re going to love. The Youness Armani Superhero deck features Superman as its main motif.

The board is made from high quality and durable North American maple, and has pre-drilled holes so you can easily attach the other parts and components to your skateboard.

It should be noted that none of the boards offered by Almost or other skating manufacturers come with an included grip tape. A grip tap is used on the surface of where you stand on your deck, working to provide the needed friction and traction to grip to your skate shoes.

The good news is that grip tape can easily be found through any skate or sports shop either online or in a retail environment.



That concludes our list for the best Almost skateboard decks that are available for purchase. We hope that you found this guide interesting and informative. If you’d like any further details about any of the boards that can be seen above, simply click the product’s link.

Each board’s pricing and shipping details is known to change month to month, as well as being determined by your country of origin. There are also some specials running now for each skateboard deck mentioned, so it would be wise to take Almost up on their discounted offers while you still can.