Best Enjoi Skateboard Decks

The skateboard decks from the manufacturer Enjoi are some of the finest in the market. The company takes a light hearted approach to their skateboard designs, with fun and colorful typefaces and motifs that are sure to get people’s attention.

Enjoi’s decks are also known to be some of the most resilient in the market, with the majority of them being constructed from high quality, 7-ply American or Canadian maple. These durable materials mean you can use the board intensively, and without fears of it wearing down for several years.

For you convenience, we have compiled a list of the top three skateboard decks from Enjoi. All of the decks found in this list are guaranteed to be of a high quality, as well as having earned their positive reviews through their premium constructions.

If you would like further information about any of the boards listed in this guide, then you can simply click the board’s respective link or button below. The shipping and payment details for every board is known to change month to month, which is why these details have been left out from this article.


Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0 Skateboard Deck

best enjoi skateboard deck

The White Spectrum 8.0 deck from Enjoi has a total length of 8 inches, which makes it an extra-long deck by most standards. The added length of the board means that is heavier, and therefore will carry more speed and momentum when you are pedaling along.

The Spectrum 8.0 by Enjoi will give you that extra speed you crave when going on long skating sessions around your city or just at the skate park, and you won’t need to sacrifice maneuverability as the board is still lightweight and responsive to use.

One quality feature of the Spectrum 8.0 is that there are pre-drilled holes that make assembling your skating trucks quick and easy. You should be up and running with this board in less than ten minutes using the appropriate hardware.



enjoi skateboards

Yet another colorful and expressive board from Enjoi, the Rasta Panda board will showcase your love of this majestic panda, as well as your appreciation for the Enjoi skateboarding brand. Like the White Spectrum Enjoi board, the Rasta Panda also has a length of 8.0” inches long, providing you with the extra velocity over shorter boards.

A key feature of this deal on Amazon is that the Rasta Panda Enjoi board comes with the MOB Grip tape free of charge. Typically skaters will need to buy the grip tape separately, which can cost up to $30 for a premium brand of tape at most sports and skate shops.

Without a grip tape you won’t be able to safely use the board, as the tape provides the needed friction for your skate shoes to stick to.

The board only weighs three pounds, so it’s still a great option for the versatile skater who wants a long-board deck as well as the option to perform the most advanced skating tricks and moves.


Enjoi 10017634 Dog Collage Skateboard Deck, 8.375, Brown

enjoi deck

The Dog Collage skateboard deck measures at 8.3 inches and is the shortest board that can be found on this list. The length and size of your board is mostly determined by your skating preferences. A shorter board will make some tricks easier while at the expense of speed and some control, while a larger board affords greater stability due to the added mass.

The Enjoi Dog Collage deck is made from7-ply 100% Canadian maple along with epoxy resin glue. North American woods are the preferred materials for many professional skaters, so you know that you will be buying the best the world has to offer when you choose to go with a skateboard deck from Enjoi.

Each Dog Collage Deck is individually pressed, ensuring that the woods are tightly compacted. The close distance of the wood panels gives it a reinforced quality, meaning it can easily withstand drops and your own weight without bending or splintering.



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