Best Zero Skateboard Decks

If you are in the market for some of the best skateboards by Zero then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best Zero skateboards that are available or purchase. All of these boards are guaranteed to be of a high quality, as well as having a great reputation on the Amazon shopping platform.

The prices and shipping details for each of the boards on this list is known to change from month to month, as well as being determined by your country of origin. For these reasons, we have intentionally omitted these details from this article.

If you would like to find out more about any specific skateboard deck by Zero then you can simply click one of the links below. There you will be taken to the product’s page on Amazon. A key advantage of buying through the Amazon platform is that you will be able to see the reviews left by other users of the same Zero skateboard deck, as well as providing you a means of asking your own questions.


Zero Sandoval Propaganda Deck -8.37 DECK + GRIPTAPE

best zero skateboard deck

This Zero skateboard deck has a width of 8.37 inches and is the Tommy Sandoval brand. This great looking board has the signature flame on the green platform, which is eye catching and is sure to impress your friends.

The board is made using multi-layered laminates that ensures the highest quality and longest lasting grip possible for any skateboard deck on the market.

A key advantage of the Zero Sandoval board is that it has a special, pressure sensitive adhesive that means you won’t lose your footing or balance when performing the most complicated tricks. This feeling of control and stability is amplified with the inclusion of a silicon carbide mineral grit.


Zero Single Skull Skateboard Deck – 8.5

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This bold and aggressive board features a white skull firmly in its centre. It has a sleek black finish and features Zero’s signature logo as its centrepiece.

The Zero Single Skull Skateboard Deck is light, as it only weighs three pounds. A lighter deck will allow you to perform the most complicated tricks and skateboarding moves with ease, as well as providing for a seamless ride around your campus or at the skate park.

It should be noted that this board, as well as all boards supplied by Zero, do not come included with a grip tape. The grip tape that you use to apply to the board’s surface will need to be purchased separately. Most skate shops and sports stores can supply you with this tape for as little as $20 each.


Zero Burning Bold Skateboard Deck

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This Burning Bold Deck by Zero has perhaps features one of the most impressive designs of all the decks made by the company. You will be able to show off your love and preference for this premium brand of skateboard decks in an effortless and genuine way.

The Zero Burning Bold deck has a resin construction and is made from a 7-ply North American maple woods. These quality materials means you’re able to ride the board has hard as you’d like without features of fracturing the wood.

These longer-lasting boards are great for people who are sick of needing to replace their decks every six months to a year, which can prove to be a costly and annoying expense.

The other thing that makes the Zero Burning Bold stand out from other decks is that it is coasted with a long-lasting resin. This coating protects the wood’s surface from superficial damage such as dents and scratches. The resin is also applied to the board with a water-based glue that means even poor weather cannot degrade its durability.



Zero is one of the leading manufacturers of skateboard decks in the market. All of Zero’s designs are bold and designed in a way to showcase your personality.

You won’t have any problems with getting these skateboard decks by Zero to fit in with your other skateboard components such as wheels or trucks, as each part is cross-compatible, even if you are using something from another brand.

To see the latest deals and discounts for any of the above Zero skateboard decks, you can simply click one of the buttons or links above. You will be taken to the product’s listing on Amazon, showing you the in-depth specifications for each board, as well as giving you the option to ask your own questions to the Amazon community.