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Boosted Board Review

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boosted board front and back

If you are in the market for a new electric longboard to tear up the pavement and skateparks, it’s likely that you are weighing up 1 or 2 different options. Although there is no lack of companies out there to choose from for this exciting new north of transportation, the Boosted brand stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The Boosted Board 2 is a continuation of the brand’s success for skating enthusiasts. The company has improved on their original design with the inclusion of some extra features with the rider’s speed and comfort in mind. To put it simply, the Boosted Board 2 is an absolute thrill to ride, and we’re sure you’ll love all the new things it comes with.

Some of the key differences between the Boosted Board 2 and its predecessor is a stronger engine and longer battery life. You’ll also get to choose between two different battery options to give you some flexibility in riding and customizing your board. When fully charged, these second generation batteries will let you travel for twice as long.

Another thing which sets this model apart is its new acceleration curve. This means you’ll easily be able to conquer steep inclines and hills thanks to a more powerful engine and intelligent torque settings. Everything about the Boosted Board 2 can be customized to your liking, including how much power you’d like to use and its rate of acceleration.

boosted board deck


The Deck

The deck of this Boosted Board 2.0 is a custom made Vanguard deck produced from Loaded Longboards. The bottom of the deck includes a beautiful all-natural layout and is made out of Bamboo to give the board a decent quantity of bend while still keeping up the sturdiness required to get a smooth ride.

The Boosted Board 2.0 feels much more similar to a conventional longboard than the other options you’ll try, and that is mostly because of the placement of the batteries with this thing, remaining tucked beneath the wheels and shallow enough to stay out of sight most of the time.

The board is relatively symmetrical on both ends, using an orange arrow pointing at the forward-facing direction.

There is a wonderful smooth boot up animation once you flip the thing on, and while this technically doesn’t matter in terms of actual usage, the small details such as these show just how much time and caliber Boosted has put into their boards.

The wheels on the board are 80mm Orangatang Kegal, using an hourglass design that helps them bend when going over bumps and inconsistencies from the road. The wheel’s center is attached right to the drivetrain, which gives the board a great acceleration curve that may be slowed down just as readily as it’s sped up.


Batteries, Motors, and Running Experience

The batteries around the Boosted Board 2.0 are very discrete, and are housed in two different power packs on each end of the deck. Boosted says to anticipate about a 6 mile range from the base model battery.

The packs are easily replaceable with only a couple of turns of the hex screws, which means that you may always have extra energy on you if you require it. They batteries are very discrete, being concealed nicely underneath the board, and should rarely scratch against sidewalk.

Due to how easy it is to swap out a new battery (even when you’re on the road), it would be well worth taking a spare with you. The underside hex screws easily come out with a few turns of a screwdriver and can easily be put together again.

The standard motor option is rated for a high speed of 20mph and can climb 20% tier hills, whereas the Double+ engine allows for 22mph and 25% climbs. The acceleration curve pose is the best of any electric skateboard released as of now, and it comes to a stop just as easily as it takes off.

The huge amount of acceleration that you get with the Boosted Board 2 will leave you with no excuse for tearing up and down hills, as the wheels retain a lot of grip and traction for even the most difficult climbs.


Regenerative Braking

One thing that we loved about the Boosted was its regenerative braking feature. This will let you conserve precious battery life while extending how far you’ll be able to travel.

How regenerative works is through the use of kinetic energy. When you brake or push the board along manually, it increases the amount of power in the onboard batteries. It’s easiest to see this in action when you use the brakes at high speeds (22mph), as this will create enough force for the batteries to regenerate.

The braking feature of the Boosted Board 2 is most noticeable between the speeds of 22mph-5mph. Anything slower than these speeds and you’ll actually be using more power than what you gain.

controller for boosted board



The controller on this board is simply awesome. The controller has a button near the base that connects it to the board upon boot, and also may be used to modify the drive style of the board as well. The handling of the controller is sensitive and responsive to the touch, and fits quite naturally inside your hands.

While it is made of plastic, it’s quite tough and feels like it could take quite a beating. There are 4 distinct ride modes available for the user, which will change the acceleration curve to match the specific rate and power you’re going after. If you’re a newcomer, then you can begin with a decreased rate, while the more innovative modes will get you moving much faster.

With a few clicks of a button, you can change between the economy and professional settings for the Boosted Board. The different modes will matter quite a bit when it comes to speed and conserving your board’s battery life.

Boosted recommends that new users stick with the eco option to start off with, as learning how to brake, kickstart and control the board can be difficult enough. But you should also experiment with the pro levels too, as this will give you the power you need to traverse up steep hills. The professional mode is also simply too fun to pass up, especially if you have an insatiable need for speed and recklessness.

Getting Started with the Boosted Board 2

A great thing about this powered longboard is that getting up and running with it is pretty straightforward. The device comes with some simple setup instructions that are easy to follow, and you should be able to start using it within 10 minutes of getting it out of the box.

It’s important to take it slow at first. Boosted recommends that you practicing in a parking lot or abandoned park to begin with. You should be focusing on the fundamentals of braking and turning.

Having total privacy is key here to get the mechanics of the board down. But if there are cars or others around you, remember that most people aren’t used to skateboards going this fast and may step out or drive right in front of you.

Once you are comfortable with the basics of the board, you can try venturing out to the streets. To pick up seed, simply tap the remote 3 times and you’ll change between the eco and pro modes. You should be familiar both settings, and you absolutely need to know how to stop your board using some simple braking methods.

And just because you are on a cool powered skateboard, this doesn’t mean that you can blithely ignore the rules of the road. Stick to bike lanes and remember that you will not have right of way. Be prepared to stop and let others pass and ride carefully.



The Boosted Board 2 is definitely a huge step up from its predecessor in terms of battery life, handling, and well, just about everything.

The only weakness of the electric skateboard is its price point. At roughly $1,500 it could be seen as expensive, and even prohibitive due to its price. But if you can look past its substantial price tag then we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with its sleek and speedy design.

There is no lack of support for the Boosted Board 2 either, with the company releasing new videos and tutorials on how to get the most out of the deck every month. However, the quick start guide that comes with it should be more than enough to get you up and going.

In summary, the Boosted Board comes with everything that a powered skater could want for an incredible experience while on the road. The reviews that can be read about the board are sound, with many of its users leaving 4 and 5 star reviews out of 5 as part of their testimonials.

More information can be read about the Boosted Board 2 on the company’s website or their listings on Amazon.

P.S. Popular Youtube Vlogger Casey Neistat also did a review of the Boosted Board 2, comparing it to a lesser priced competitor, he performed multiple head to head tests that help showcase the functionality of the board, check it out below. Also, you can check out the boosted board 2 here.

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