Best Baker Skateboard Decks

The Baker line of skateboard decks are for skaters who want to stand out from the crowd. Their designs are bold and aggressive; making a statement has never been so easy with their distinct branding.

The only downside to the Baker line of boards is that it can be hard to find a reputable vendor online. There are some websites out there that are known to sell fake or imitation products, and the boards are of a poor quality that is prone to failure.

For this reason, we have only included decks here from Baker that can be found on Amazon. Besides the assurance of knowing that the boards are genuine products, shoppers can also enjoy other benefits such as free or discounted shipping, as well as the pleasure of knowing that they are supporting a legitimate business.

For your convenience, we have outlined the three best Baker skateboard decks that are available for purchase.

All of the decks seen below from Baker were handpicked for their positive reviews and competitive prices. Each deck can be viewed by clicking a link below, and you will be able to see enlarged photos of the boards, as well as the updated shipping and pricing details for each model.

Top 3 Best Baker skateboard decks

Each of the boards below are guaranteed to be genuine products from Baker skateboards. You can view more in-depth detail about each of the boards mentioned below by following the links and buttons contained in this article.

Baker Brand Logo Red with Black Letters 7.88″ Skateboard Deck

best baker skateboard deck

The Baker Brand Logo Red deck is one of the standout models offered by Baker. Bold and aggressive, this deck is bound to get you noticed.

The board measures at 7.88” wide and has seven plys of wood. The sturdy construction means you can ride as hard as you’d like and do tricks without needing to worry if you will damage or break your board.

The 7.88” model is slightly larger than normal, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality or ease of use. In fact, the bigger size likely won’t make much of a difference to your skating experience, and is really just an aesthetic preference.

Finally, this deck has a wheelbase of 14.375”, which means modern wheels and trucks can easily attach itself to the deck without any complex installation.


Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White Skateboard Deck

baker skateboard

The Black and White 8.0” Baker deck is clearly slightly larger than the 7.88” model, although it still performs to the same standard of quality and execution as other models.

The complete dimensions of 8.0 Black are 32 x 8 x 1 inches and it weighs only two pounds. The reduced weight make it a very easy board to use for a variety of purposes, and is excellent for performing tricks or just skating around town.

It should be noted that like other skateboard decks, Baker also does not offer grip tape for any of their deck purchases. You will need to buy a roll of tape from any local sports or skate shop, which should set you back only a few dollars.


Baker Skateboards Cyril Jackson Stacked Holographic Red Deck 8.0″


Yet another 8.0” board from Baker. However, what makes this deck different is that it is the Cyril Jackson Stacked Holographic version. It is the only holographic board that has made it to this list.

The board has a great red and pinkish design, as well as board dimensions of 8.0” x 31.5”.

The wheel base is 14.25” and does not come with its own grip tape that must be purchased separately.

This particular model is a top seller in Baker’s range of boards, and can be delivered to your front door within two weeks if you live inside the United States.



Those are the top three skateboarding decks that are available on Amazon. Every month the prices for the above boards will change depending on the supply of the manufacturers, as well as being determined by your country and the exchange rate.

For the above reasons, the prices have been omitted from this article. However, you can find out how much each one of the boards costs by clicking one of the links above. You can also see what other people wrote about the products in their reviews, as well as being able to post your own questions to the Amazon community at large.

The discounts and special deals that are currently on offer do not last forever, so you should make your purchase while the boards are still cheap to buy,