Why Are Penny Boards Popular?

Cruising down the streets on skateboards has been a hobby of teenagers for a very long time. Some of them even participate in competitions where they challenge each other and show off amazing tricks that they have learned. In the last few years, most of these skaters utilized long boards and street boards until a new kind of skateboard was introduced to the market – the penny board.

A penny board is a short, plastic skateboard which is considered as an alternative to long boards, street boards and bicycles. Their main purpose is to help young adults get from one place to another much faster. A lot of people have been fascinated by this new version of a skateboard and they have been increasing in popularity ever since their introduction in 2010. Here are some reasons why:

Penny Boards Are Small

Size is the main thing that sets a penny board apart from other types of skateboards. They are only limited to 22”-27” in length,which make them great for maneuvering through tight spaces and congested areas. Because of this size, they are easier to control and balance. Unfortunately, it might be challenging to perform tricks on them.

The size also gives you nothing to worry about with regards to parking. You can easily stick them in your backpack, put them inside your locker, or simply carry them with you wherever you go.

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Lightweight And Portable

Compared to any other kind of skateboard, penny boards are made of lighter materials. Most of its parts are made of high-quality plastic. That makes them easier to carry around anywhere, including at home, in school, at the mall, and other congested areas. You don’t have to worry about hitting anyone who is standing behind you or in front of you. This is also a big plus for those who live in apartment buildings who struggle with bringing their bikes and boards up those narrow staircases.

Penny Boards Are Very Durable

Although they are made of plastic, penny boards are actually very durable. They won’t easily crack or break under a heavy weight. Some adults even say that they borrow their children’s penny boards and enjoy cruising on the streets because they don’t have to worry about breaking the object.

They are also more resistant to damages caused by water. It is inevitable that skateboards get wet because of puddles, and raindrops. Some boards, especially those made of wood, will slowly wear out. Those with metal parts will suffer from rust. Penny board owners will not encounter any of these problems.

Come In Different Designs

Everybody knows that plastics are very easy to customize, so it’s not surprising to see penny boards be displayed in almost every color imaginable. There are also boards that feature different graphic designs, a combination of colors, and metallic hues. Whether you’re a boy or a girl, there is definitely a design that will fit your personality.

Assemble And Customize

Penny boards can either be assembled by you or assembled by the manufacturer. Most riders would prefer to buy the finished product, however, there are some who are quite specific on their board’s parts. Penny boards can cater to these custom works, which means you can easily screw and unscrew parts. You can also give it an upgrade by adding some parts that will enhance the board’s stability, design, and ability to conquer obstacles on the streets – like pebbles and puddles.

The Takeaway

Simply put, penny boards have been rising in popularity because of their usability, portability, and design. It also gives room for customization, which is a big plus to teenagers who are always very fond of expressing themselves through any form of art. Several parents also think that it is safer compared to other kinds of skateboards in the market.

But, this does not mean that they will completely overshadow other types of skateboards. Penny boards are designed to be an easy method of transportation and they have lived up to this function. However, they cannot be used to show off amazing tricks that will always awe the teenage audience.