Pros and Cons of Penny Boards

penny boards

During the spring season where the chilly morning fog covers the pathway, you can feel the icy wind hitting your cheeks as you ride all the way to your destination. During the summer season, the breeze from the ocean and the wet sand feels great on your sun-kissed skin while you skate the boardwalks by the beach.

During the fall season, the crunching of fallen leaves under your wheels feels nostalgic and comforting. During the winter season, the skating rinks are delicate and gliding from one ramp to another gives an adrenaline rush like no other. Whatever the season is, you can ride along the streets and sidewalks with skateboards.


penny board pros and cons

There are many different kinds of skateboards that you can choose from. From long boards to short boards, you can choose whatever you prefer. But what stands out the most is the tiny skateboard that most people would turn their cheek from.

The penny board, as it is called, is a type of skateboard that is significantly smaller than the regular skateboard. They come in many different colors, designs and styles.

Penny boards have become the latest trend for many. A lot of people have been using them and many brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon and sell their own penny boards. But wouldn’t a smaller skateboard be even more dangerous? The width of the board is so tiny, how can one even ride it without falling over? Before you make all these assumptions, you should figure out first what penny boards can do.


Some Penny Board Recommendations For You To Check Out:

Board Specifications Author Ratings Pricing
Penny Cruiser * Length: 32"
* Truck Size5"
* Wheel Size 54mm
View Price
Penny Nickel Complete * Length: 27"
* Truck Size 3.125"
* Wheel Size 59mm
View Price
Skatro Mini Cruiser * Length: 22"
* Truck Size 3"
* Wheel Size 59mm
View Price


Penny Board Pros And Cons

Just like any other product out in the market, penny boards are bound to have good and bad features. Below are some of the pros and cons of penny boards.


  • Convenient
    • One of the most popular reasons that people have when they choose penny boards is that they are very convenient. They are small and they are very light. If you want a skateboard that won’t take the bulk of your backpack, then penny board is the product that you should try out.
  • Portable
    • Because of their small size, they are easy to carry anywhere you go. They can fit easily inside your bag without taking too much space. They are also light which makes them easy to carry whether you are holding it in your hand or whether you are carrying it in your backpack.
  • Durable
    • They are highly durable because of the material used to make them. Penny boards are made up of plastic, as opposed to the wooden material used for long boards. That makes them last longer. If you happen to be skateboarding and the skateboard flies off somewhere hitting a wall, it won’t break as much as a long board would.



  • Price Range
    • Although it may seem that it is cheaper than long boards, it is actually slightly more expensive because of several factors. First of all, its size is relatively smaller, which means less materials were used to make them. Second, it only has one purpose. With those two factors in mind, the price tag may seem a little steep.
  • Higher Level of Difficulty
    • It is relatively difficult to ride because of the small area of the board. Your feet will barely even fit and it is not a good bard to ride if you have the need for speed. It is not a good board to start with if you are a beginner.
  • Limited Purpose
    • One of the downsides of choosing a penny board is that it is only good for commuting. Because of its small size and limited mobility, you cannot really do tricks or skate at the skating rink with it. However, wasn’t commuting the original purpose of it anyway?


Are Penny Boards Dangerous?

Despite all of these disadvantages, you still need to consider why you are going to buy a skateboard in the first place. If you are purchasing one because you want a faster way of transportation from one building to another at your university, then all of the cons listed above wont be bothering you. It really depends on the purpose of the consumer to decide whether a penny board is a good product to buy. One thing is for sure, its definitely a product worth trying out.