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Why Penny Boards Are More Fun

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Skateboarding has been around for a long time. First conceived in the late 40’s, the action sport has exploded into a cultural phenomenon during the late 90’s and early 00’s. Today, it’s a cultural phenomenon that will be represented during the 2020 Olympic games, which be held in Toyko.

With skateboarding’s growing popularity worldwide, several variants are currently experiencing a revival. Such is the case of Penny boards, which first came out in the 70’s. With their deck’s high-grade plastic composition, Penny boards are quite durable. In fact, some models can withstand the full weight of family sedan and will have no problems reverting to its original shape afterwards. The durable deck is complemented commercial-grade wheels, trucks, bearings, and cushions to support the rider.

Penny boards are particularly more popular with the younger audiences. While durability is indeed a reason for why plenty opt for penny boards, their heir colorful, fun and quirky deck designs also deserves part of the credit. There is quite the range of boards to choose from, depending on your size and design choices.

Penny Boards vs Longboards

To begin with, it can be helpful to know the difference and similarities between the two before you make your purchase.

A longboard closely resembles the conventional skateboard as we know it. It is modified to have a wooden deck, made from various materials (oak, bamboo, or maple wood). The material used depends on the rider’s preference as well as the specific shape and design it is to be crafted into. Generally speaking, they are longer than the usual skateboards. This means that they are easier to ride for newbies and amateurs. Still, there are various shapes and sizes that can cater to the needs of different types and levels of riders.

A longboard’s trucks are composed of aluminum material which will be fitted at the back of the board. This ensures maneuverability and stability. Without doing much research, choosing a longboard can be a safe choice if you are a first-time skateboarder.

On the other hand, a Penny board is the newest addition to the skateboard family. While the concept has been around back in the day, the solid concept of using high-grade plastic boards which offer a lot of flexibility is relatively new. These boards are manufactured with the primary goal of getting the old school style of skateboarding, which has lost its appeal over the decades.

Penny boards are particularly crafted to let riders do cool tricks and moves while maintaining fast speeds. They also allow you to turn, bend, and pivot really swiftly. Their turning radius is sharp, unlike any other deck. The size of the boards are specifically smaller – this is probably the most unique characteristic of these boards. The idea is to have something that is very light in weight, something you can carry around wherever you go. In fact, they have dedicated backpacks for carrying them when not in use. Portability and lightness are among the selling points of Penny boards.

Penny boards have recently garnered a huge following because of their quirky size and designs. This is not to mistake them for low durability, though. They are actually known for having tough material that can last for a long time. Adventure seekers and trend setters are among the main clientele of the product. The good thing about these is that no matter what level of experience you might have, you can get on one and start riding without any issues. Pros and newbies alike can enjoy the perks of having a fun means of transport such as the Penny boards.

Choosing a Skateboard

The next matter at hand is choosing which one works for you. Remember that the most important consideration is to ensure a fun and exciting ride every time. There is much to debate between longboards and Penny boards. Many argue about which one is better in doing tricks in skate parks and ramps. As for you, be sure to consider every factor before making a purchase.

Determine what your skateboarding needs are. The truth is, many riders purchase skateboards simply for transportation, especially in urban areas where driving a car to commute simply is not practical. Skateboards are substantially more affordable than bikes, which make them a good alternative. They can also help you avoid traffic and quickly get to your destination with no problem whatever time of the day.

Will you simply use the board for “cruising” or going from one place to another? Will you use it professionally to perform tricks or against other skateboarders? Finding out what your riding style is is crucial, too. Obviously, you can ask around professionals or riders who have tried both for their opinion.

The best bet, though, is to go the store and have yourself fitted – measured properly. Sizing is one key component in finding the right deck. Be sure it is not too big or too small to avoid stability issues. Also, pick up the board with your hand. It has to be light enough to travel quickly and make turns easily. It has to be sturdy enough to avoid falling down all the time.

The Bottomline

Obviously, each type carries its own pros and cons. The final decision will be up to you – the rider – and your riding style. Regardless of your choice, however, be sure to pick a skateboard that is made from high quality material. Check the bearings and wheels if they are rated properly. ABEC ratings are important in deciding whether they can last a long time and are able to withstand wear and tear from regular use. They should be equipped with the proper cushions, bolts, and trucks to withstand impact and external factors.

Simply put, adventure seekers who love doing fancy tricks may find better luck with Penny boards. Those who want to cruise around but are afraid to take any risks at all may do well with longboards. Whatever you choose, always put safety first. Wear the proper riding gear and be mindful of your surroundings when cruising outdoors.



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